15 Jun, 2017

WorldSBK confirms single ECU decision ‘within weeks’

The Superbike Commission has confirmed a decision on adopting a single Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in WorldSBK for 2018 will be made 'within weeks'.

WorldSBK confirms single ECU decision ‘within weeks’
WorldSBK confirms single ECU decision ‘within weeks’
The Superbike Commission has confirmed talks about adopting a single Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in the World Superbike championship for 2018 have taken place and a final decision will be made 'within the following weeks'.

Speculation has been ramped up about technical regulation changes in WorldSBK for 2018 in order to level the playing field after the recent domination by the factory Kawasaki and Ducati squads with its rivals struggling to close the performance deficit.

The trailing manufacturers, with particular standout voices from Yamaha and Honda, have thrown backing behind a single ECU similar to what has been seen as a success in the MCE British Superbike championship and more recently in MotoGP. BSB uses a MoTeC single ECU while MotoGP uses Magneti Marelli.

In the latest Superbike Commission meeting held between Dorna, the FIM and the MSMA during the Catalan MotoGP race weekend at Circuit de Catalunya, a clarification has been released on a potential single ECU for the 2018 season.

“There were no decisions taken for an immediate application,” a statement from the Superbike Commission read. “However, the possibility of controlling and applying a single Electronic Control Unit in the WorldSBK class for 2018 was discussed. The final decision about using a single ECU would be taken within the following weeks.”

Kawasaki is known to be strongly against a single-specification ECU, using it as a key argument against its entry into MotoGP and feels it is one area where it can make the most technological gains on its production machines.

The World Superbike championship is gearing up for round seven of the season at Misano this weekend (16-18 June).

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  • Tetley 15 Jun, 2017 11:44:03
    Blo-ody ridiculous.

    Manufacturers race to prove whose bikes are the best. Denying them from employing their technical and electronic expertise is a retrograde step.

    The series is supposed to to be for near-showroom bikes, with selected improvements allowed. Standardising ECUs is not an improvement, it is a handicap to the teams which are the most clever.
  • Challenger 15 Jun, 2017 11:43:52
    Let the manufacturers use the standard electronics that come with their road bikes sold to the public - this is meant to be a production based championship is it not?

    As for Honda backing this single ECU idea - well what a complete 180 from those hypercritical weasels, it wasn't so long ago when they were made kicking and screaming to accept the single ECU idea in MotoGP now they can't wait to have it in World Superbikes.
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