19 Jun, 2017
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Smith ‘should be ready to race at Assen’

Doctors deem it unnecessary for Bradley Smith to undergo a skin graft on a little finger he injured at Barcelona; hoping to “be back around 90% for Assen.”

Smith ‘should be ready to race at Assen’
Smith ‘should be ready to race at Assen’
Bradley Smith is hopeful of making a racing return at Assen this weekend after being forced to sit out the last outing in Barcelona due to damaging the little finger on his left hand in a painful free practice fall.

The Englishman's left hand was briefly trapped under the handlebar of his KTM RC16 after a crash at the Circuit of Catalunya's turn two in FP4. With the finger painful and bloody, it was decided that Smith would not race to avoid aggravating the injury further.

At first, there were fears Smith may need to undergo a skin graft but subsequent medical checks have convinced doctors to not operate any further for the time being, giving the 26-year old a chance of racing this weekend.

Smith said he was hopeful of being “90%” ready for the race at Assen, which is the eighth round of the 2017 season.

"Since the crash on Saturday [at the Grand Prix of Catalunya] we've been checking my finger every 24 hours to see there's no infection and to see the rate of progress of the healing,” he said.

“Right now the doctors are happy day-by-day with how it's looking so basically we're not going to do any skin graft or further operations yet which is fantastic.

“They don't expect a full recovery of the wound short term, but it should be ready to race at Assen.

“Now it's just a case of continuing to do as much as possible to speed up the recovery with creams and cleanliness so hopefully in just over a week we'll be ready to be back to around 90% for Assen."

Smith is currently 23rd the the world championship standings, tied on six points with team-mate Pol Espargaro.

By Neil Morrison

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  • MarkB852 21 Jun, 2017 07:29:00
    MikoGP: I haven't read the story? But he hurt hus little finger?
    Lorenzo came 6th or something 2 days after clean breaking his collar bone?

    I just feel like I'm mis sing something. ..

    Empathy, compassion and respect.
  • Monstermash 20 Jun, 2017 19:10:38
    Smith should be ready to race at Assen


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