19 May, 2017
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MotoGP France: Rossi: Feeling with Yamaha better than Jerez

MotoGP World Championship leader Valentino Rossi eighth fastest overall in mixed conditions at Le Mans on Friday.

MotoGP France: Rossi: Feeling with Yamaha better than Jerez
MotoGP France: Rossi: Feeling with Yamaha better than Jerez
Valentino Rossi says the feeling with his Movistar Yamaha M1 in the wet is improving after a difficult opening day at Le Mans in France.

Rossi was eighth fastest in the damp FP1 session in the morning and 10th quickest in wetter conditions in the afternoon, leaving him eighth overall on the combined times, 3.4 seconds behind Aussie Jack Miller (EG 0,0 Marc VDS Honda).

The Italian struggled in the wet at Jerez and although he says his feeling with the bike has improved slightly, Rossi says he needs more time to understand the bike's full potential.

“For sure it was a very difficult day, because the conditions are quite bad. We need to understand if we are able to improve the feeling of the bike on the dry, but today it was not possible,” he said.

“The feeling on the wet, every time with this bike I am struggling very much, especially at Jerez and at the end the position is not fantastic because I'm just 10th but the feeling with the bike is improving. I feel better and especially in the practice of this afternoon that had full wet conditions I was always quite competitive and I did always good laps.

“I think I can do better but unfortunately I need more laps to put the tyre in temperature because it looks like the wet tyres need some laps to arrive at the maximum performance,” Ross added.

“So I'm just 10th, but the feeling is quite positive. I feel better with the bike compared to Jerez.”

The MotoGP World Championship leader is hoping for drier weather on Saturday for final practice and qualifying and is wary that the Honda riders again look strong.

“Now we have to wait until tomorrow and hope for the dry, because for sure the dry is another story and we want to have the possibility to try the bike in a normal condition and try to understand if it's better,” he said.

“I hope not [repeat of Jerez surprise for Honda]. Difficult to say. It's very early but for sure it looks like now the Honda is very competitive. We have to concentrate on us and try to find the right feeling and work at the maximum on our bike.”

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  • Guna4699 19 May, 2017 17:58:42
    Good to hear some positive words,
    Everybody who set their best lap towards the end had atleast 5laps in their last tyre before setting their pace.
    Rossi did this time in 3rd lap of his new tyre, had he exited the pits a few minutes earlier would have had a couple more laps and clocked to sit somewhere in the middle of top 10 which isn't bad considering his recent worries.
    I would say it's a good work today.
  • Guna4699 20 May, 2017 06:15:16
    Is Rossi having to fine tune that bike too much to make it too easy for him to ride at the level with youngsters? Is that why they fumble ever time.

    These bikes have so many things to be tuned in very different ways and no two bikes can exactly be the same in every sense, not even the #1 & #2 bikes of a Same rider.

    One day Yamaha has to give Rossi's bike with new tyres straight after a session or race with exact settings Rossi rode with to Vinales to see if Rossi is really past his time. Too harsh to be saying this as his fan but crazy things cross mind when he looks so much out of sorts. Never mind cause it'll never happen.
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