21 Apr, 2017
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Steiner sees no reason to ban T-Wings from F1

Haas F1 chief Günther Steiner sees no reason for F1 to ban the controversial T-Wing despite a handful of failures in recent races.

Steiner sees no reason to ban T-Wings from F1
Steiner sees no reason to ban T-Wings from F1
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Haas Formula 1 chief Günther Steiner sees no reason for the controversial 'T-Wing' to be banned despite a handful of failures in recent races.

A number of teams turned up in testing with a T-Wing fitted to the shark fin on the back of their cars, with the bodywork prompting a largely negative reaction from the F1 paddock.

Haas was asked by the FIA to strengthen its T-Wing in China, while Mercedes lost the T-Wing on its car in practice for the races in China and Bahrain, adding to the concern about their usage.

Despite the FIA's request, Steiner insisted that Haas was not asked to strengthen it on safety grounds.

"We didn't lose it. We were asked to stiffen it up because we were not afraid, it was never safety risk, our one," Steiner explained.

"They didn't like how it bent, so we had to stiffen up the fin more than the T-Wing. There were parts lost before and I think the FIA has to sort that one out with Mercedes that they fix their problem.

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"I have nothing to say about them because I have no idea why it failed, so they have to explain that to the FIA. Then the FIA will take a decision."

Steiner said he sees no reason for the T-Wing to be banned from F1, saying that part failures should not provoke an overreaction by the FIA.

"From my point of view, we could say this about every part," Steiner said. "How many people lost a wing? We were some of them last year and we didn't ban front wings, we fixed them.

"Last year, Toro Rosso had a few issues with the wheel rims, they didn't ban the use of rims, they fixed them. For me, it's the same.

"Just because it's a T-Wing and somebody says they don't like them doesn't, we don't need to take them off. The FIA will take a qualified decision of what they want to do."

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  • obyapka 21 Apr, 2017 16:21:22
    T-wing? I thought that was hanger for where Lewis hung his race suit pre-race.
  • Taz 21 Apr, 2017 10:53:20
    Ban them and the shark fins purely because they are hideous.

    I thought F1 cars were supposed to be visually appealing although that hasn't been the case for a long time.
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