20 Mar, 2017
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F1 Australian GP: Criticism could drive Hamilton out of F1 – Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone believes scrutiny and criticism of Lewis Hamilton's life could drive him out of F1.

F1 Australian GP: Criticism could drive Hamilton out of F1 – Ecclestone
F1 Australian GP: Criticism could drive Hamilton out of F1 – Ecclestone
Lewis Hamilton could quit F1 if he doesn't feel his success in Formula 1 is being valued, former chief Bernie Ecclestone has warned.

Regarded as one of the F1's greats having accumulated 53 race wins and three world titles since his debut a decade ago – behind only Michael Schumaacher on the all-time list -, though Hamilton is largely considered the sport's biggest 'star' on a global scale he has continued to divide opinion too.

Scrutiny of his personal life – both through the popular media and his own use of social media platform – have particularly generated debate over the years, not least during the 2016 Japanese Grand Prix when he walked out of a press gathering in a protest against coverage of his .

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It is an issue that Ecclestone, who himself is no stranger to generating controversial column inches, fears will eventually force him to quit the sport altogether.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1 Ecclestone said: "What worries me a little bit is if Lewis suddenly thinks to himself 'I tell you what I'm going to do, I've had enough people criticising me, I'm going to be on pole in every race, win every race, and stop at the end of the year. I hope he doesn't do it."

Ecclestone's comments come after Hamilton's bitter rival and team-mate Nico Rosberg sensationally quit the sport days after securing his first F1 title, in part because of the intense pressures of competing at the highest level of the sport.

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  • mrfill 20 Mar, 2017 20:32:37
    Poor fragile little petal
  • tommytrojan1 20 Mar, 2017 22:43:51
    mrfill: Poor fragile little petal

    While this article may be pretty much a non story, it's comments like this - or perhaps the fact that someone actually NEEDS to make a comment like this - that ironically lends credence to what Ecclestone says. I'm sure Mr Hamilton has a much tougher skin, and IF he decides to leave F1 it will be on his own terms and not because he has a 'delicate' nature. The sort of ruthlessness it takes to survive - and succeed - in F1 proves that. There is little doubt, however, that Lewis is singled out amongst all drivers who, if we're honest, are all deserving of criticism, each in their own way, from time to time. If anything, the constant Lewis bashing - as opposed to reading intelligent and informed comments about the sport we all love - gets tiresome.
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